I Remember
I Remember

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I remember

I Remember

I remember it was a night, Maybe the 14th of Feb. I remember feeling cold, Walking through the empty roads, Street lights glaring at me, At equal intervals.

I remember feeling the pain, My legs, my hands, my head, And some parts I had never felt before. I remember falling down, Not because my legs gave out, But because I finally lost the last ray of hope.

I remember waking up on a crisp bed, With white sheets and the smell of antiseptics and medicines surrounding me, Again the light over my head glaring at me.

I remember voices talking somewhere near me, I heard my name, and I knew it was about me. I remember hearing someone cry by me, I think it was my mother because I could not see properly.

I remember my senses coming back to me, Feeling like I had lost something very precious. I remember seeing everyone around me act suspicious, Looking at me like something was really wrong.

I remember finally remembering, Loosing it for a moment, Feeling empty inside. I remember how I felt like it was the end, Crying, screaming, wanting to die.

But then, I remember feeling this vicious power inside me, The one that said, 'don't let those bastards live free!'

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