For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only short story stories

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Short fiction of an unexpected encounter

For Your Eyes Only

A tear drop trickled down James's eye as he saw Susan standing in front of him. It had been more than 2 years, since the day she went missing from their apartment in the city.

She looked as beautiful as she did on that day, but her face had no expression, like the face of a dead person. James lowered his gun.

He was investigating an underground storage suspected to be a safe house of the Kushkov cartel based on the intelligence he received from the agency.

James was overwhelmed, he had assumed that Susan was dead for a long time now and looking at her now standing in front of him, alive and healthy, made him happy for a moment.

As he took the first step towards her, she quickly pulled up the gun in her hand and shot James directly in his heart three times.

The shots were quick and precise, as if fired by a highly trained personnel.

Kushkov cartel was a very discrete and successful gang of London with large international operations.

The police as well as the national intelligence agency did not have the identity of even a single cartel member, until, James infiltrated it through an informant.

The day his informant was supposed to give him the first critical information on the cartel, Susan went missing and the informant never came to meet James.

James had underestimated Kushkov cartel, but Valori Kushkov, the head of Kushkov cartel did not make the same mistake. He saw what James was capable of.

The informant, once identified was chopped into pieces and disposed off on a countryside farm. Susan was kidnapped to keep James in check. But, as days went by Valori grew uncomfortable.

He did not want any loose ends and thus prepared a plan.

With help of a Russian psychologist and extreme torture techniques, he turned Susan into a mindless body with a single goal, 'fire three shots into the heart of James'.

The psychologist through his inhuman technique created an impenetrable trigger in her mind which was now trained to do a single task.

James's day of death was decided. Through an encrypted message, Valori tipped the agency about the safe house. James took the bet and came to check it.

As predicted by Valori, he lowered his guard against Susan. The moment his face was revealed to her, she performed the only task that was hammered in her mind for last two years.

As James dropped, Susan inserted the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

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