My life part 1
My life part 1  self love stories

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the raw and vulnerable aspect of my life, nothing new but a big deal for me

My life part 1

Life is something that teaches us so many things . it is a reflection of a day that has a day and night but unlike day ..

life can vary and something the reflection of darkness takes over the crispness of sunlight and my life is nothing different from a long set of hopelessness and darkness.

I started to diagnosed with depression in my early 16 and now I am going to be 19 in 1 month which is scary for me cause I never get rid of my depression fully .....

so to overcome this here a part of my story which I believe that no one is going to care ........

I was born in INDIA, a country of joy and culture . surprisingly, I did enjoy our culture and happiness at first.

Watching my childhood photographs it turned out I was an active child and always up for new things but things turned out to be different in the next years.

I grew up with my lovely two sisters and I was raised with the teaching of equality for all gender and sexual orientation. unfortunately, my thinking of equality backfired me.

I was asked about equality in my classroom where I did tell everyone that I support LGBTQ and women for equal respect and laws and this was like a taboo in my country then.

suddenly the tables have been turned for my life, a child who had many friends are alone in class and the reason was that everyone thought I was gay because I supported them.

At that time I was 10 years old and never knew why that harsh criticism is reserved for me.

No one was able to bully me cause I know how to defend myself but just watching them talking behind my back and going school alone makes me sad.

In order to live my life calmly, I started to identify me as gay as it's my way to cope up with this situation and I knew I was not gay but I want it to stop but it turns out it worsens

the situation for years.

I was so affected that I believed that I was gay and I have no problem with that but it was like I am not lying to my friends but lying to myself and it hurt and break my heart every day.

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