What’s the devil afraid of?
What’s the devil afraid of? scareddevil stories

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What's the devil afraid of? They might be afraid of Gospel!

What’s the devil afraid of?

Let's enter the mind of devil!

They might have afraid of Gospel!

Many people do not have any idea of Jesus

Grieve and pray

Two activities of the believers in Christ!

Jesus will grieve on their behalf

Followers are not praying properly

Have you seen trembling of enemy?

As Spirit of God enters

Devil cannot resist it!

Go on praying

As you improve in the spiritual level

Fasting is important!

Devil never gets afraid

You must fight back!

Devil watched fasting of Jesus

Would like to resist the development

Unable to tolerate those prayers!

Not good to enter dialogue with devil

Like Adam and Eve!

Catholics give top priority to prayer.

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