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I wonder new ideas come to my mind Wearing the cap

Mysterious Cap

I wonder new ideas come to my mind

Wearing the cap

A red cap with white marks!

I got the best grade with this cap

The cap helped me from scorching sun

The cap attracted the attention of strangers!

I enjoyed the wearing the awesome cap!

friends loved this cap so much!

Suddenly the cap was lost!

after 1 year i found it in my cellar

Torn into pieces

When i picked up

Heard a whispering voice

Cap telling an awesome story

Cap said- I was stolen by the servant

I had been sold by that servant

I changed 5 hands

Then I got back to my original home!

Ahh ! Thats a mysterious story !

Nobody could keep me over the head for 1 week!

Five weeks passed by waiting for the owner!

Thanks for picking me up again!!!!

And lo! The cap turned to original form again!

It brought smile back into my face!!!!

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