Biggest Ghost Story Writing Collaboration
Biggest Ghost Story Writing Collaboration ghost stories

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Let us start the new year with a ghost story! I am writing a few lines related to ghost!

Biggest Ghost Story Writing Collaboration

Let us start the new year with a ghost story!

I am writing a few lines related to ghost!

Then you will continue writing that story...

It will be added in this post!

It will become the Biggest Ghost Story ever at Commaful!

So.. Let's start writing!

Once upon a time

There was an old man

Who worked in an office!

Suddenly the company was suffering from loss!

The employees were terminated!

Few employees were left!

On one evening

at the office

The lights went off!

Only three people were there on the floor!

There was a noise and shadow dancing!

Suddenly the shadow approached a employee and made a horrific shrieking noise as it opened it's mouth to reveal 4 rows of razor sharp teeth. The creator then extended 6 tentacle like arms and snatched him up.

The creature suddenly ripped off the man's head and swallowed his body whole, tossing the head aside. The creature turned to the rest of the employees in the room and growled, baring it's sharp bloody fangs. @ariesgirl06

While picking off each employee 1 by 1, one employee turned out to be a demon in disguise. Once the ghost got to the so called "employee" the demon took its actual form and killed the shadow. Doing so made the demon have all of what the shadow had plus his original powers. He didnt eat but he did.... @izzyb

He didn't eat but he did attack, offering blood for his satanic rituals. As he fed he continued to grow stronger, becoming virtually indestructible, or so he thought. He became somewhat of a legend in the small town he in habited. He was infamous. Then one day...

He immediately fell head over heals for her and they began hunting together. By now the population of the town had dwindled down, leaving only a few native residents there. The town was gaining to much bad publicity, so the mayor finally decided to call in experts. (idk whether to do ed and lorain warren or sam and dean winchester lol) @ariesgirl06

He met his equal, a she Devil, attractive in a demonically manner and ways! Claws longer and able to pierce the flesh of its victims, a snake like tongue able to numb all while robbing its victims of blood, of course her pheromones was able to seduce the Man devil @Romanticbloom1

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