The Purge #2
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"Repeat again," I said. "Mr. Walker has gone out for business to Hillside County." Agnes replied. "He requested us to look after his house while he was away."

The Purge #2

"Repeat again," I said. “Mr. Walker has gone out for business to Hillside County.” Agnes replied. “He requested us to look after his house while he was away.” “Great! And if they ask for his contact, we give it to them.” I sighed. “What do we tell our parents?” Agnes asked.

“Simple. Mr. Walker asked us to look after his house. He was going to pay us to look after his house until someone decided to end him on the day of the Purge.” We were sitting in the living room couch. Mr. Walker’s house was spectacular. Under other circumstances, this place would render us speechless. His three-story house was designed exotically.

The room boasted a magnificent fireplace with a TV atop it. Across the room was the double door windows leading to the backyard. The couch was plush leather. The room exuded a rustic charm. The bedrooms were spacious and comfortable. The kitchen was equipped with all the modern conveniences. Mr. Walker wasn’t a social person but he sure did love luxury.

He also enjoyed young ladies which became the very reason for his demise. “You do realize that people might come to visit him, right?” Agnes looked over at me. “Not really. The man’s house is located at the end of the street. Kids are scared of him and neighbors despise his extra-curricular activities,” I snorted. “What if he has relatives?” Agnes voiced her thoughts.

“He has lived here for 10 years. He never had a single visitor. And we live in the nosiest neighborhood ever. Everyone would know if he got visitors. We are safe on that front.” I replied. “This plan has so many flaws.” Agnes declared as she slumped on the couch. “Well, we didn’t have much time to plan.” I chuckled.

“But I think we got lucky.” Agnes murmured. “Then, let’s not jinx it.” I said with a tone of finality. **********************************

We were a day away from the Purge. Two days had passed smoothly. No one came to visit Mr. Walker. We stored his body in the garage. To hide the smell, turns out we didn’t have to do much. On the first day, Agnes and I went out for grocery shopping. We bought loads of scented candles and air fresheners to last three days. Since there was no house next to it, we were safe as long as we sprayed the fresheners.

No one would notice the smell. In the meantime, I worried over Agnes’ change in temperament. She was beginning to act manic. Erupting into fits of laughter over anything. She became extremely aggressive and primitive. Other times, she would quietly sit at one place and stare at the wall. She would bunch her dark hair in frustration after a while.

After giving up on that, she would pierce her nails in to the palm of her hands. Yesterday, while cooking I saw her almost put her hand onto the stove. On the shopping trip, I made arrangements for myself. Suddenly a knock on the door startled us. “Shit,” Agnes mouthed. “Go to the Master bedroom.” “You sure?” I asked over the persistent knocks.

“Yeah. I will take care of it. Go, now,” Agnes insisted. I rushed across the room. Entering the bedroom, I left the door slightly ajar. From there, I heard Agnes open the door. “Hi,” Agnes greeted. “I am looking for Kevin,” a man’s rough voice replied. “Mr. Walker?” Agnes asked. “Yeah, yeah. Where is he?” The man demanded.

“He is not here. He is out for business at Hillside County. Asked me to look over the house” Agnes replied, sounding cheerful. “Yeah, sure. Move out of my way,” the man pushed Agnes aside and entered. “Kevin, you better come out. Your little plaything can’t cover for you.” “I am not his plaything!” Agnes replied vehemently. I could actually hear the anger in her voice.

“Of course, you aren’t,” the man scoffed. I could hear heavy footsteps coming my way. Scrambling away from the door, I slipped under the master bed and waited. No one barged inside and screamed. The man was standing outside the room. For a minute, there was a pin drop silence until, “Why is this house reeking of incense?”

“I burned some food.” Agnes replied, without hesitating. From my position, I marveled at Agnes’ ability to lie while I was underneath a bed, freaking out to the moon and back. “He didn’t kill you for that?” the man snorted. “He wouldn’t because I am looking after the house for a couple of days,” Agnes voice echoed. “Right. Where do your parents live?” He asked.

“They live in Bells Town,” Agnes lied. “They are alive?” He questioned. “Well, obviously.” “Where is my friend?” The man’s dangerous voice vibrated. “Come on, I will take you to him.” Agnes answered, calmly. My heart stopped immediately. I could not believe what she said. Was she taking him to the garage? I hear footsteps leading away from the bedroom.

Out of fear, I climbed out and ran towards the bedroom door. By the time, I got to the hallway, the house was empty. She actually took him to the garage! I rushed outside the house and watched the scene unfold. The man, dressed in a simple T-shirt and jeans stepped inside the garage. Agnes watched his every move like a hawk. She inched towards the work table and picked something up.

“What did you do?” the man bellowed, followed by a soul wrenching gasp. I bolted to the garage. The acrid smell of the rotting body filled my nostrils. But my disgust did not last long. To my horror, I watched Agnes pull out a screwdriver from the man’s left shoulder. His green eyes were bulging out as his mouth opened in a silent scream. A contorted expression took over his features.

His hands were trying to hold Agnes’ but it was in vain. Agnes’ twisted the screwdriver and pushed him down. He fell face first on the floor, the blood flowing endlessly from the wound. Agnes’ stared at the man in contempt, but appeared utterly calm. She looked over at me. Her eyes appeared crazed and satiated.

At that moment, I knew that I had to get away from this house before tomorrow morning. Because I would be the first-person Agnes would kill at sunrise of 31st October. On that day, it didn’t matter who people killed. Whoever was in close proximity was the first to die. I was too scared to say a word in those moments. “Kelsey”

I looked at Agnes. “He had to go. He knew too much,” Agnes stated coldly. “I know,” I replied, warily looking at the man’s body. “You go inside. I will take care of the blood,” Agnes ordered. “Yeah, okay! Do you need any help?” I asked timidly. “No” Agnes flatly replied. She dragged the body from the door and stowed it inside.

Switching on the jet spray, she began washing the blood from the floor. It seemed as if she meant to do that all along. And then, it hit me! She did plan to do it the moment he stopped by the house. I walked back inside the house.

Shutting the door behind me, I could feel my heart beating wildly. I needed to get out of the house and hide by sunrise. But I needed the ensure that Agnes would be the one to take the bodies outside. **********************************

Tune in for Part III.

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