Tales from Hillside County Vol. 1 Contd.
Tales from Hillside County Vol. 1 Contd.  humour stories
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Tales from Hillside County Vol. 1 Contd.

By: pragati410

Tales from Hillside County Vol. 1 Contd.

The first thing I felt when I gained consciousness was my cat rubbing her head against my fingers. My eyes refused to open, in fear that they would have to gaze upon that horrible sight again. But intuitively, I knew that I was in my house. A feeling of dread came over me. Was that a dream? A hallucination? I opened my eyes tentatively.

Sprinkles was looking at me in concern, purring. That’s when I realized that I had fallen on the floor. My back was held up against the wall. And head lolling down. Around me was a puddle of black tar as steam evaporated off my body. Looking up, I saw the man from earlier looking at me, tentatively.

Like he expected me to freak out. Damn Straight! What I saw wasn’t real. I mean, come on! “Who are you?” I asked him. But I did not get any reply. I noticed that the tar had cleared from where he had fallen and the sticky stuff was gone too. He simply observed me with piqued curiosity. “Don’t you know?” He rasped.

His voice sounded scratchy and hard. Pain emanated from the words. “That wasn’t real.” I denied. “It wasn’t?” He tilted his head to the side. “Whatever suits you.” “You can’t just say that!” I exclaimed. “Wouldn’t that make you feel better?” He chuckled. “I don’t know. It makes me feel more confused.” I cried out, holding my head in my hands.

“What was the place?” I demanded. “Hell.” He said, simply. “You got to be kidding me!” I couldn’t believe it. Deep down, I think I knew but that cannot be true. “Bah! You humans make a bigger deal of Hell than it is!” The man snorted. “You get all loopy over it. It is not that bad.” “I’m sorry, but what?” I gasped, “If that was hell, what are you?”

“Not very bright, I see.” The man said dryly. “I am plenty bright, except when it comes to visiting hell!” I screeched. Besides me, Sprinkles stepped into the tar and jumped away. She looked at it suspiciously and hissed. “Let me help you there.” The man spoke, his jaw seemed unhinged. I observed that his eyes were no longer black. They were brownish-grey.

He snapped his fingers and all the dark mess disappeared. The steam evaporated off quick and I was no longer a sticky mess. But that’s when a horrifying question came into my mind. Am I about to die? Was he here to take me back? The chain of terrifying thoughts was interrupted when he spoke again.

“Holy Satan, your thoughts are depressing. And no silly, you are not about to die. On the contrary, I see a long life. Ah, now that’s not so bad!”He smiled and looked out from the window, dreamily. Did he just tell me my future? “Of course, I did. Its not some incoherent rambling like you,” his head snapped in my direction.

“Wait, can you read my mind?” I was stunned. What is with this day? “No, I can just hear your thoughts.” He replied. “Isn’t that like reading my mind?” I asked, my face twitching in confusion. The man sighed as he looked over at me with a funny expression. The man sighed as he looked over at me with a funny expression.

“Oh..” I realized. He was being sarcastic. Well, demons do have a sense of humor. The man picked up a chain from the table and observed it, “Ah, here is the sad part. Miscarriage. Both unborn child and mother have sinned. But excellent life. Most likely to be deported to heaven. Hmph! A shame. Death due to natural causes. Very lucky!” He rubbed his bandaged chin.

I have sinned? When was that? When I tripped Stacy in 8th grade. “You killed your ex-lover in past life. He was a terrible man but never mind,” the man responded. “You are very forthcoming with your answers.” I replied sarcastically. “Well, call it compensation for sending you for a short trip to hell. You could do with some good news.”

He put down the necklace and began to make rounds around the room. “Are you going to be sitting there on the floor?” He asked as he touched the photo frame. I looked at my seating position. I scrambled upwards slowly. He picked Sprinkles’ soft toy and poked at it. “Humans. Most interesting creatures!

As he become close and personal with my belongings, I watched his bandaged face. It seemed like someone had broken his jaw. I wonder why! “It’s rude to ask,” he snapped. “Then stop eavesdropping in my thoughts.” I countered. Crap! “Your mind is a mess. Your thoughts are crystal clear. Even without my powers, I could be able to tell what you are thinking.”

He replied, pressing at the squeaky ball. “Then you can hardly complain.” I said hardly. “Intuitive, welcoming but quite ill-tempered.” He assessed. “I went for a picnic in hell. Ill-tempered is warranted for.” I called him out.

Looking around the room, I felt a little sick. So, I went for the next best option. Tea. “Would you like some tea?” I found myself asking. The man turned around in shock and tilted his head again. “That would be nice.” ***


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey, guys. Please let me know what you think about this part. Your opinion means much to me. Peace Out!

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