I Am Suicide
I Am Suicide pain stories

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WARNING: Sensitive Subject!
I had to write a play from scratch for a drama internal and in the process found myself writing this based of my own previous experiences. During the play this poem was aimed at a girl named Lisa who was getting bullied and prepared to take her life. This is a sensitive subject for some but I also think this poem is good for people who do not understand why people would take there life as this poem can show what what thoughts go through peoples mind when they have no option left.
I hope you enjoy,

I Am Suicide

I am the thoughts that stop you from sleeping.

I am the one thing that could set you free.

The only way out.

The feeling that tells you there is no reason to live.

The thing society is secretly scared of.

I am the reason in one hand you hold a pack of pills,

And the other a glass of water.

I am the way out.

Follow me into the light.

Find your biggest fear,

Your biggest mistake,

Find your family lost without you.

But within all this...

Find peace.

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