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A shoutout to all the fans.
A poem by Pouzterr for all the fans out there, be it for any Rock shows, Game nights or House parties, who have gone through shouting their lungs out...

The Fan-Cry!

Up the irons. 🤘 Trash the metals... Up untill the reverbs shatter.

And the fear in you, fears you;

Or the devil in you, smears through.

And the doubts lamentin', deep within, do not matter anymore..

Lock the horns. 🤘 Pluck the strings... Play the notes on air guitar..

let your shrill voice, shout out!

And your faggin lungs, stout out..

For all those freaks aroun', grinin' and laughin' do not matter anymore..


Thank you.... If you liked it or can relate to the poem, Do like, leave a comment or give a shoutout, for others to read...

"And if you liked this, I'm sure you would like other poems by me. Search for 'Pouzterr' to read my other poems. "

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