Moon’s darkness prologue
Moon’s darkness prologue  moon stories
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This is just the prologue of the preview, I fixed some spelling mistakes and stuff. now it’s easier to read because it is smaller

Moon’s darkness prologue

Prologue 6 months prior

Moondark stared out of her window of her new home, wondering how in the world she would get everything up the rope ladder and into her home.

In law school, her dorm was on the first floor, so it was not a problem to get a filing cabinet inside, but as she looked down she shivered at how far the ground was.

"This will take some getting used to," she thought.

It was harder filing cabinet 5 stories up a ladder, not to mention all the chairs she had bought,

it was a shame that one was weak in the middle but she decided that she most likely would never have more than 2 people inside her treehouse.

She went down onto the ground and grabbed notebooks out of an unassuming box and carried them up.

She flipped onto a page in the blue notebook and saw were Mintclaw had wrote about how to make a lift,

she remembered when she ran into mintclaws room and saw him writing down an entire textbook into a notebook.

"Why are you doing that?" She asked curiously as mintclaw furiously wrote with the strange penmanship he always used that made his writing very slanted. "Why would you write all of that down?"

Mintclaws writing stopped, he got up

"Well moon I'm writing down all the information so that when they take the textbooks back i still have a copy" she did not need more of an explanation. She walked out.

Moondark was thinking about Mintclaw, staring at her ceiling ,wondering on and on about what she could have done as a hatchling to have saved her older brother.

She really knew that deep down there was nothing she could have done to stop what had happened.

she could never had stopped the sweeping mass of the bright-saur unit that crashed into the home like a wave.

It was still wrong that they had decided that they could just simply barge into her home to draft Mintclaw and take him away without allowing him to even say a proper goodbye.

She never thought that it was her fault, she knew better than that.

She was only 6 when they took him away to fight their war, she was always bright-eyed and understanding, but that day was the last day she was bright-eyed.

Less than 10 weeks later her little brother ,Aspen, came running in holding a letter. She was playing with her pet squirrel to try and distract herself from how empty the house was.

She saw her mother's emotions shatter like a pane of glass being dropped from atop a canyon. In that moment she knew that mintclaw would never return.

As her mind suddenly grasped this idea , she had a rather random thought that motivated her, "mintclaw may not return on his own, but I can return him myself"

From that day forward, she would stop at nothing to find mintclaw or at least figure out what had happened to him.

once she was finally accepted into the magnasaurus academy for law, she wanted to find her brother legally.

As she researched the subject, she soon realized that it was illegal to try and find a special forces soldier.

She thought that this was interesting, but almost immediately declined the possibility that Mintclaw could have elevated to such a high position in only 10 weeks.


as she dug through Mintclaw's room (this was only the second time she had the courage to do so since he disappeared) she opened up the drawer underneath his bookshelf and found

nothing interesting at first, just a bunch of assignments for school and large notebooks full of notes from class, but as Moondark opened up the last notebook a folded letter fell out.

It was a written note, now faded.

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