Moon’s darkness -preview Random lizard?
Moon’s darkness -preview

Random lizard? fiction stories
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Moondark lives on the fictional continent full of dinosaur-like lizards named magnasaurs. After years of sadness now Moondark needed to find her brother, her life goal, but things always will come up to stop your goal.

Moon’s darkness -preview Random lizard?

Get ready, its dark, for weak people i guess. It’s unfinished!

Prologue 6 months prior

Moondark stared out of her window of her new home, wondering how in the world she would get everything up the rope ladder and into her home.

In law school, he dorm was on the first floor, so it was not a problem to get a filing cabinet inside, but as she looked down she shivered at how far the ground was.

"This will take some getting used to," she thought.

It was to get aharder filing cabinet 5 stories up a ladder, not to mention all the chairs she had bought,

it was a shame that one was weak in the middle but she decided that she most likely would never have more than 2 people inside her treehouse.

She went down onto the ground and grabbed notebooks out of an unassuming box and carried them up.

She flipped onto a page in the blue notebook and saw were Mintclaw had wrote about how to make a lift,

she remembered when she had ran into mintclaws room and saw him writing down an entire textbook into a notebook.

"Why are you doing that?" She asked curiously as mintclaw furiously wrote with the strange penmanship he always used that made his writing very slanted. "Why would you write all of that down?"

Mintclaws writing stopped, he got up

"Well moon I'm writing down all the information so that when they take the textbooks back i still have a copy" she did not need more of an explanation. She walked ou

Moondark was thinking about Mintclaw, staring at her ceiling in ,wondering on and on about what she could have done as a hatchling to have saved her older brother.

She really knew that deep down there was nothing she could have done to stop what had happened.

she could never had stopped the sweeping mass of the bright-saur unit that crashed into the home like a wave.

it was still wrong that they had decided that they could just simply barge into her home to draft Mintclaw and take him away without allowing him to even say a proper goodbye.

She never thought that it was her fault, she knew better than that.

She was only 6 when they took him away to fight their war, she was always bright-eyed and understanding, but that day was the last day she was bright-eyed.

Less than 10 weeks later her little brother ,Aspen, came running in holding a letter. She was playing with her pet squirrel to try and distract herself from how empty the house was.

She saw her mother's emotions shatter like a pane of glass being dropped from atop a canyon. In that moment she knew that mintclaw would never return.

As her mind suddenly grasped this idea , she had a rather random thought that motivated her, "mintclaw may not return on his own, but I can return him myself"

From that day forward, she would stop at nothing to find mintclaw or at least figure out what had happened to him.

once she was finally accepted into the magnasaurus academy for law, she wanted to find her brother legally.

As she researched the subject, she soon realized that it was illegal to try and find a special forces soldier.

She thought that this was interesting, but almost immediately declined the possibility that Mintclaw could have elevated to such a high position in only 10 weeks.


as she dug through Mintclaw's room (this was only the second time she had the courage to do so since he disappeared) she opened up the drawer underneath his bookshelf and found

nothing interesting at first, just a bunch of assignments for school and large notebooks full of notes from class, but as Moondark opened up the last notebook a folded letter fell out.

It was a written note, now faded.

Chapter 1 : end of the old

Now,Moondark stood on her treehouses patio ,dawn was approaching .

Soon the bright-Saurs would come out from their homes after a good sleep, that included Seseuo, the one mangasaurus she hated more than the government itself(but still kinda loved).

He was part of the government now and had the right to bring her into custody.

The Saurians Of the Sunlight were feared now, they treated the Dusk-saurs even more unfairly after the revolts in the rural areas and the protests in Solar city.

He said that because he was a high official now, he could do whatever he wanted, she missed the old Seseuo.

After he realized that Moondark was illegally pursuing what happened to mintclaw , he became desperate to find some way to obtain more evidence to charge her for it.

Even though the government said that they stood for justice, this was not moondark's idea of justice.

Before the bright-saurs took away her funding ,

she was about to finish her senior years in law school and was near to figuring out what had happened to Mintclaw using the data screen in the library.

She was determined that this time she would finally stand up for herself. As she expected, seseuo came just like he always did,but this time the outcome would be very different.

She was tired of him. He had betrayed her, he had to pay. She knew that she would not regret this. Her muscles tensed as he yelled,

"Come down here!" He was using his firm authority voice"you have to come with me,Moondark just give up already!"

Moondark sighed, "you should come here and see my filing cabinet yourself, I'm not looking for my brother anymore!

" She now lied with ease to him, he still seemed to trust her, however small his trust of her honesty was,

it was still there and moondark would take advantage of that- she knew his would be his downfall. His trust and determination to find out what she was doing would be his downfall

Moondark thought she heard him scowl, and start muttering to himself, then he grabbed the ladder.

He was cautious,

from their years in law school he had learned just how intelligent she was and Moondark had learned how naive and gullible this newly trained and

now apparently 'highly trained' secret service agent was.

Of course, he climbed up the ladder ,maybe thinking to just kick her out and dig through her filing cabinet.

(Even if he actually achieved this he wouldn't be able to open it ,Moondark had the key hidden in a place he would never find it) she wished deeply that she could be friends with him again,

but nothing could stop her from mintclaw, not law, not life, and definitely not a mere recent graduate.

Her brother Mintclaw was an engineer, he had taught her a lot about levers and other miscellaneous things. Though she was young, she listened.

When seseou came into the living room, he looked around

"Uh...nice nets you've got there" he was intelligent in the area of judging situations, soon he started to figure out what exactly was going on.

He moved suddenly and tried to go for the trapdoor, as he opened it moondark thought with a strangely remorseless grin.

He must've been trained to avoid strange machinery like this

she almost laughed when she thought about it. He trained so hard, and now, all of seseuo's training to finally get revenge on her would amount to nothing.

She had installed hydraulic pumps on the wall which seseuo stared at fearfully .

She had indeed put a wall of fisherman's net across her living room door, she had moved everything behind this net.

Though seseuo had training that warned him to avoid situations like this, no amount of training could have ever prepared seseuo for what would happen next.

And nothing would have prevented moondark from doing one of the most punished crimes on all of continentem solis. And nothing would ever again stop her from finding her brother.

Moondark was sure she would not regret this. A tear started to form in seseuo's eye as he seemed to realize that everything he had learned was pointless

Moondark stared into his eyes she pulled a lever and the whole house turned into its side launching Seseuo through the wall and forever out of her life,but not her thoughts.

The next feeling moondark had was somewhat shock as she fell onto a chair as the house flipped over more suddenly then she had expected.

The chair broke painfully under her weight her thoughts swirled in a mess until she passed out.

Though moondark now had many moral questions to contend with, she pushed those thoughts away. After all, she now had one important question to think up an answer to the question of her survival.

Her home could not hold this position for long.

She knew that the longer that the weight was all on one side, the more the tree was tilting and would soon fall onto its side and cause the home to collapse and crush her.

The simple solution would be to get to the lever and undo the hydraulic pressure,

but if she achieved this the house would fall back onto its original position very quickly and Moondark would most likely be crushed by falling objects.

It was possible to survive this but she would need to hang on to her ,ceiling fan which was not within her reach.

But, the worst problem was that the lever was nearly seven arm-lengths way from her reach.


as Moondark thought she realized that she could use the retractable spine on the end of her tail to put it into the wall/ceiling then use the the three opposable claws to keep it attached.

Moondark was about to shove her tail-spine into the wall when her table, (which she had nailed down) shifted.

She knew she was running out of time, she thrust her tail-spine into the wall and grasped into the wood around it,digging her tail-claws into it, she swung her body onto the table,

it was hanging on by one nail onto the floor which was now the wall.

She let her tail-spine out of the wall and retracted it. The tree cracked, she felt it, she leaped off the table and swung her body so that her tail grasped the lever.

Her weight made it shift into its original position.

Chapter 2: a few regrets

She flew into the wooden floor so fast she could not even move, a wave of chairs and desks flew at her and a filing full of mintclaw's notebooks and documents started to fall towards her.

She jumped out of the way, but the broken chair she had fallen on flew at her and stabbed into her back, she let out a weak cry of agony as she pulled it out of her scales.

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