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My story isn't a normal story. It's a story of love and friendship. Something that was broken and may not be fixable. And always remember... Never give up. <3


I met a boy when I was 3. I was in Preschool and we were best friends.

Years later, we remained friends. Yet what was coming, was unexpected.

It started as a small joke.

We called each other names and laughed.

But it was taken to a whole new level.

We started insulting each other.

We started insulting each other..

We started insulting each other...

We started insulting each other...And we weren't laughing.

Our friendship was at breaking point.

Months later, I got an email from a good friend saying that he had said we weren't friends anymore.

What had I done?

I just lost someone who meant a lot to me. They might've not known it, but they were my everything.

The days went on, and I felt broken. Completely destroyed.

We see each other every Sunday.

We talk a little. We stopped being rude. We stopped the name calling and the insulting.

We're still not friends.

I want him back but I don't think he wants me back.

I don't know what to say or think when I'm around him.

I lost him.

I lost him for what could be eternity.

I won't give up though.

Because you never fail unless you give up.

Everyday I think about him and I miss him.

And if you're reading this...

I'm Sorry.

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