The Boy in Class by: Hanna Mann
The Boy in Class

Hanna Mann poetry stories

potterheadhanna defined by good, strengthened by bad
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May be a little over pg-13 sorry. But hope yall enjoyed :)

The Boy in Class by: Hanna Mann

The faces he makes, and the time he takes, talking to me today, I just gotta say....

His smile makes me wanna bite his lip. Pull me in close and give me a kiss. As I dream of this, I hope he does as I wish.

He makes me smile, and he's worth my while. I like his style, I hope he stays a while.

I hope when he reads this he likes it. Maybe he'll think it's lit. Maybe he'll know it's meant for him. All my feelings just won't fit...

In this small of a space, But DAMN! His faceeeee!! What a disgrace, I can't hold him in an embrace.

He's so fucking cute, I wanna be his, Maybe he'll pull me in for a kiss, Or bite my lip, And grab me by the hip.

I hope he grabs me by the ass, Spins me around really fast, Let me enjoy it while it lasts, And have a blast....

Sooo ummm ye that may have been a little above pg 13 but I dont care. hope you enjoyeddddd!! Be safe, my cuties!

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