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TW Self Harm Poetry

Self-Harm Poetry

Concern and anxiety circulate through my veins, But I’m held back by these heavy chains.

Chains of fear, Fear that I’m not enough, Fear that I won’t make it in time, And fear that life is just too rough.

I beg, and I plead, and I pray, That you will cease to continue these destructive ways.

That one day you will feel content. That you will see through this weary haze, And just live in the moment.

You may not see it now, But the road you tread on gets easier. You will adjust to the bumps and the turns in life.

I understand how you’re feeling, While others just don’t get it. Those emotions you’re concealing, How you feel like you just want to end it.

But don’t give up hope, Keep a grip on the rope.

You may feel like you have nobody, But you have me. I’m always here for you.

Even when you can’t see. My friendship is true, And always will be.

You may hold that blade to your skin, Just to release emotional tension.

Maybe you do it for a distraction, Or maybe you have a different intention.

Some use it to regain control, Or maybe just to feel something,

Maybe you just want out of the black hole, Or you just like the sting.

But whatever your reason, It’s not worth it. I know it feels like it is right now, But you must have grit. You will make it through somehow.

I know how you feel. When the blade slices through you. When life gets to real, And you want to feel something new.

And I know how it feels, To be left with these scars. It never completely heals, And it’s like you're behind bars.

Always having to hide them, Especially around your loved ones. Life is getting pretty grim, And your burdens are weighing tons.

It’s hard to cope when your life feels like hell, When you’re losing all hope, Wanting to yell, Because you can’t cope.

All the pain built up inside, Bubbling to the surface, Is getting hard to hide.

But you never have to hide it from me, I have been there before. When I felt like I would never be free, From this emotional war.

It takes effort and courage to push through, To stop hurting myself because of the pain others inflicted upon me. I wasn't being fair to myself, AND NEITHER ARE YOU!!

I’ve gotten to know you, And it’s really not hard to see, That you don't deserve this pain.

I can’t make you stop, But I can try my best, And that is exactly what I will do.

I know it’s hard, But please just know that I’m here for you. No matter what you need, MY FRIENDSHIP IS TRUE!

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