Channeling Emotions
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potterheadhanna defined by good, strengthened by bad
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Be that person! Channel your emotions! Let them channel theirs!!

Channeling Emotions

I let it all

I let it all G

I let it all G O

through my drawings...

and my words...

"I hate you! I'm hurt. I'm jealous! I'm angry! I'm sad!"

through my actions....

Everyone has emotions....

Some of us are just good at hiding them....

Reach out to those who need you...

Don't ignore them...

Let them

Let them CHANNEL

Let them CHANNEL their emotions

Be that person! Be there for your friends, your family, your aquaintances...

Because YOU may be the difference between happy and sad. YOU may be the difference between loved and unloved. YOU may just be the difference between life and death!

YOU can make a difference!! I want to encourage everyone today to reach out to a loved one that you haven't talked to in a while, and see how they are doing.

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