A Dark Death

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horror story about a weird girl who ends up with her mother dying on top of her

A Dark Death

"Noooo! Mom! Don't leave me. Please. I'm begging you. I need you."

Choking for air, I sit up. My palms are sweaty and my hair is stuck to my face. "It was just a dream," I say to myself. I brush my hair out of my face and drag myself to the bathroom.

I look in the mirror and my eyes look dark and my hair is a crazy mess. Looking closer I realize I have yet another pimple on my face.

"Ughhh! Stupid pimples! Go away" And of course, here I am talking to myself. I don't have very many friends. People think I'm weird because I'm always talking to myself.

My name is Emily. I'm that one weird kid that wears wire-frame glasses and that wipes their boogers on the desk. Yup! THAT kid. I always sit alone at lunch and hate working in groups.

If the teacher calls on me, I start crying, and they chose a different kid.

But today, I want to be normal for once. I brush my hair and teeth and get ready for school. I run down the stairs, but slip halfway down and go tumbling. Hitting my head on every step.

My leg getting twisted underneath me. I hear a crack and a thud as I land on the floor of the stairs. Typical me. "I'll never be normal," I think to myself.

I hear my mom scream my name, and I try to get up. Wincing, I realize my leg is broken as a sharp pain shoots through my leg.

I scream for my mom and stare at her as she runs down the stairs and of course, she falls on the stairs also and comes slipping down and crashes on top of me.

Luckily, none of the bones in her body are broken, so she should be fine.

Then suddenly, the chandelier that is placed right above us falls and crashes on my mother's head. I knew right away that she was dead.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her face went pale. The blood rushed from the wound on her head and sprayed all around.

Struggling, I tried to push my other off of me. But I couldn't. Gasping and grunting, I couldn't push my 400 pound mother off of me. No one else was home. Just me and my mother.

My father and brother were on vacation in Hawaii. I knew this is how I would die. No-one was here to save me.

I had no food near me and no water. So I guess I will just starve to death. Then a horrible thought crossed my mind. "Cannibalism." And I hate myself for that thought.

I start crying and the tears won't stop. I can't believe I'm dying like this." But at least I will be in heaven with my mother......

to be continued..... please comment if you have ideas for what should happen next in the story

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