To Someone

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potatoesarefab 【aesthetic 花 】
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All from a tired and sleepy wanna-be 15 year old author. Sorry... It's currently 2:26 a.m. here and I'm tryna sleep. This was crap tho. Better be deleting it..

To Someone

I'm tired of shielding away My feelings for him Whom of which, I've tried to keep at bay He's like a nightmare, scary and grim

I'm tired of all the hurt Inflicted and caused to me I lost all my worth To someone who didn't care about anything but to be free

I feel so empty Inside Like my soul has left me When will this feeling— for someone— subside?

I want to let go How I wish I was a master of my own fate Everything... I wanted to know From before I met him, from before all the hate

Why did he lie? Why did he leave? I've done nothing but just to cry For the lost love, I grieve

To someone Whom I cared for so much and so long These feelings I want gone But I still care. I still love you.

The broken pieces of my heart Still yearn for you. Calling for your name. But they knew the real score. Even from the very start. Yet, they still love you. Oh my... How lucky you are.

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