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potatoesarefab 【aesthetic 花 】
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I love Korea... so these are two adorable Korean girls playing tag, you're it. I hope you like it as much as I did. And I hope you smile through the story as much as how many times I've smiled while I wrote this.

Unnie - older sister (female)
Shi/ssi (idk anymore XD) - younger girl or idk)
Eomma - mom
Aniyo - no
Jebal - please
Aish - thingy you say when you're irritated or something
Jinja - really?/seriously?

So just ask me in the comments if you still don't get the words XD.

Tag, you're it

Written by potatoesarefab

"Tag.... you're it!!!" Aimee laughed.

"Aimee!! You're cheating!!" I pouted.

"I'm not," she chuckled and began running.

"Wae... unnie.. stop right thereeeee" I chuckled.


And she slipped. Butt first.

I laughed. Omo.. her face looked funny.

"Aishhh... jinja?!" She said, irrated. Brushing the dirt from her pink (yet dirty) shirt.

"Ahahahaha.... unnie, you should've. Seen your face," I laughed hard.

"Rosie-shi! Help me, jebal!!" She whined.

"AHAHAHAHA... aniyo! Get up yourself, I'm not helping youuu!~"

"Aish... I'm gonna get you for thisss"

"Mianhae.... joke hihihihi' and I ran away.

"EOMMAAAAAA!" she whined.. I just laughed.

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