Something That Scares Her...
Something That Scares Her... scared stories

potatoesarefab 【aesthetic 花 】
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Another story. Not my really best since it only came into my mind, but I hope you like it. I will edit this someday :). <br/><br/>Anya... that perfect girl.

Something That Scares Her...

by potatosarefab

Anya was a girl... just a simple girl

Who lived a simple life

Everyone thought she was perfect

But they were wrong... so wrong

They thought that she never had fears. She was always happy.

That's why...

But little did they know...

She was scared...

She was scared of being forgotten. She was scared of...

Letting other people down...

Aside from her soft and comforting facade...

If you look deep into her eyes... an immense emotion was hidden beneath it.

A very complex emotion stayed beneath those eyes

As for her... she wanted to be happy... always

Because... if she wasn't happy

People around her wouldn't be happy too. And that is something she doesn't want to do.

So she hid her true feelings...

And people knowing about that "secrecy" of hers... she'd fall.

Knowing that people would actually...

Actually think they'd force her to be "happy"... no... she doesn't want that.

And that...

Is the thing that scares her the most...

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