Secrets and Misfits

Secrets and Misfits half sister stories

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I just love sunflowers 🌻.

Sorry if the pics don't match the plot. Sorry if it sucks.

Secrets and Misfits

I was a misfit. Misfit as in.. I have no job. I have no proper home. I have no proper life. And I have no father. I mean, technically speaking, I have one. But I refuse to acknowledge that bastard as my very own.

He abandoned his child. His very own flesh and blood. If I ever get a chance to manipulate facts, I would've changed that fact that he were to be my father. I remember my mom telling me how he threw her away when she told him she was pregnant with his child.

I've always dreamed of a father. One I could go home to. One I could tell my exes about. One who could protect me from the cruelty of the outside reailty. But if having a dad means having my mom hurt again. I'd rather get bullied than living with a monster who threw my family away. A monster who chose his other daughter.

His other daughter. Blonde hair and blue eyes. So unlike the plain boring me. My dull, mainstream brown hair was nothing compared to her golden ones. "Charlotte.." I say her name under my breath. Of course.. "Emilia," she says my name with not even a slight tone of detest and hatred. She smiles at me.

We talked. I wasn't that close with but, nor was I distant. We are just we. She's my half sister. My only relative aside from my mom. "Daddy never intended to keep you a secret," she said, softly. That caught my attention. "Of course he didn't," sacrcasm lacing in my voice.

"No, really, he didn't." "He loved you, Emilia. He loved your mother. But she hated him. She hated his family, which made her hate him. He loved the both of you so much." "If he loved us, he would've came back!" My scream was catching people's attention. But I didn't care.

"He wanted to. But.. Your mom threatened she'd take you away if he chased her." "So, are you saying that my mom lied to me about him?" Charlotte shook her head. "I'm not saying your mom lied. It's just that... This. What I'm saying. Is true."

Charlotte stood up, dropping a card on my lap. "Ask him. He wishes to meet you again. I hope you come." Without another word, Charlotte walked away from me. I watched as her figure disappeared before lifting the card to check it.

I had to go. I need to know his side. "He never intended to keep you a secret." Charlotte's voice rang into her ears like a broken mix tape. As broken like how she is right now.

I sighed as I stood up, picking my purse with me. Of course. I had to go.

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