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potatoesarefab14 and frustrated
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angst... sorry. My posts are about angst. Why? I don't know, lol.


by potatoesarefab

I'm really starting to question my existence

It's normal, right?

Why am I here?

Why am I still alive?

Am I worthy enough to be sent here?

Why is everyone staying away?

No one cares.

Everyone says to get over it, like it's a simple thing to cure.

Everyone judges me when I try I open up. What's the point?

Everything I do, it's always wrong.

They told me that they'd be there for me.

But when I try to reach and call for help, no one answers me

They promised something to me

But ended up breaking that promise.

I cried myself to sleep every night.

I shout for help.

I want the pain to stop.

But no one answers.

If I can't find the reason to be happy, what the use of living?

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