I Think... I Still Like You

potatoesarefab14 and frustrated
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I never told anyone about this, even my best friend. But eh, I told her some, but not everything.

-I think... I still like you-

Dedicated to all the boys and girls out there... Who feels the same way I feel.

I Think... I Still Like You

by potatoesarefab

Hey... Someone who I really really liked before

How are you?

Are you fine in that school of yours?

If you're fine... Then I'm fine too

Well... Anyways. Let's skip to that day

The last day... We were ever schoolmates

The last year... We were friends

We didn't talk later then... Even until now

You're sister isn't even my friend anymore

Well... My mistake. I know.

I should've confessed that day

But I didn't

And it's really really awkward now

We saw each other last month

The month my brother graduated

I went out with my family

And I saw you

You... You were staring at me

So I looked away

I shouldn't have done that

I should've smiled at you

I regret it... Even until now

I'm sorry

But hey... I think...

I think I still like you... Really.... So much...

But it's my fault

Partially yours... But.... Okay wait..

We are both at fault

You should've confessed to me too

But I get that you're really shy

And that...

And that you don't want to ruin our friendship

But now... I know I shouldn't say this. But...

This hurts, honestly

I hope you have a good future and you'd finally meet THAT girl

I'm sorry for not confessing to you

Please don't ever forget me, okay?

It doesn't have to end like this

But let's just leave it to fate

If... If it's really us then.. Good

But hey... I'm still young and 13. And you're 15.

We'll meet others later, if we aren't for each other

And if we aren't for each other, please..

Let us stay friends in the future, alright?


I miss you...


I think... I still like you

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potatoesarefabGifted Writer14 and frustrated
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potatoesarefabGifted Writer14 and frustrated
8 months ago
You're you... you don't need anyone's approval
You are you... you don't need their approval :)

potatoesarefabGifted Writer14 and frustrated
4 months ago
Everything is necessary.... even the smallest ones

potatoesarefabGifted Writer14 and frustrated
3 months agoReply
@kylabae13 lol hahaha

kylabae13Throw kindness around like confetti
3 months agoReply

potatoesarefabGifted Writer14 and frustrated
3 months agoReply
@tdog16 Thanks!!!~ :D

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
3 months agoReply
Awe...so sweet yet sad...confession something we are all afraid of...regret something we all do...strong story!