Forbidden But True
Forbidden But True forbidden-but-true stories

potatoesarefab INACTIVE ||【aesthetic 花 】
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Forbidden But True

by potatoesarefab

She was a princess

I was a commoner

In that castle-like house...she lives in luxury

While I sat near the fireplace, in our house, filled with filth

Her parents never liked me

So they decided to marry her off to another man

And still... I sat by the fireplace, thinking about

What was about to happen

One day as I sat by the same fireplace... A knock came

I stood up and opened the door

And there... Stood the most beautiful girl ever

In the white dress she intended to wear on that day

On that day.. When she was destined to be sent away from me

She held her head high and she looked at me with that same soft smile on her pretty face

A crown sat on her head

She looked so elegant and so close... Yet so far away

A star in which I can never reach

She took my hand and said..

"I ran away

I want to marry you.. And only you

I don't care about the rules

As long as our love stays true.. I am fine with that

You still love me... Don't you?"

She asked, her beautiful eyes glimmered with hope

I took her hand and nodded

"Yes I still do"

She smiled and said:

"Then run away with me... Let's get married

I don't care if they do not approve of us

As long as you and I stay together... Everything will be alright,"

I knew that... That at that day

I found my one and only... And now... I will never let her go

Our love was...

Forbidden... Yet... It was true

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