The girl of a pirate
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The girl of a pirate

They met one night in Cannes.

He was a handsome actor.

She - picture-perfect.

But at least, that's how they were perceiving themselves.

He liked her very much so he decided to invite her on a cruise.

She, prone to flirting, agreed since the man seemed chivalrous and slightly untamed and this kind of men she loved most.

At that starry night they made for the open sea.

The weather was fantastic, the stars in the sky were creating ineffable constellations and the breeze from the land was delicately brushing their cheeks.

He prepared her a dinner consisting of seafood, then he plucked up the courage to reveal his plans to her.

- Angelica, I don't want to come back to the land. That's my true place. Here is my home.

- I don't understand Christian. - said Angelica.

- I want to tell you that I'm a pirate and all I really do in life is traveling from country to country in search of prizes. I've already found you...

Agitated Angelica didn't know what to say. Nevertheless, in the depths of her heart she knew that she likes this world.

The world without rules, the world that you can take handfuls, the world that was always available.

- If you want to travel across the globe with me, I'll accompany you for the rest of my life. - she finally responded.

- Of course, little treasure, with me you'll always be happy. I'll give you everything you'll desire.

And that's how Angelica was living with Christian in the world full of dreams, imaginations and illusions.

Illusions that were real for them. They were their quintessence of life.

They had each other.

They had freedom.

And that counted the most...

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