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A soulmate who could drain my curse.


Pass them all,

ever so slightly.

It was my curse.

Love was my curse.

Every key that was pressed on,

was flooded by nightmares.

Look over your shoulder.

She's there.

She's there.

She's there.

Playing colors and flowing reflections.

Ask her,

ask her what drives her will to flow.


My will was not like hers,

I'm three letters off.

I'm three letters gone.

Im lust.

She played with possession in her eyes,

like we could all see her.

My keys played reject,

my colors were dimmed.

Who were you to bring vibrance into my notes?

Who were you to lighten my weight on these keys?

Who were you to place the notes back into its place?

Who were you to lead me against my playbook?

She was heir to me,

she was an exclusion.

She wasn't my nightmare,

she stopped it.

She brought the truth,

she didn't forge a lie.

Love was a curse,

what does she see in it that I don't?

Give me a book,

be my wind and flip me the pages.

"Tell me,

What is love to you?"

She drained the nightmares,

every key struck a chord in me.

Play lightly.

She's here.

She's here.

She's here.

Tell me,

tell me what this curse is to her.

This curse is her will to live.

Let her outweigh my curse.

Let her be my will,

a will from my curse.

When I let go of the keys,

I promise that my last note will

outplay my curse.

Every note that I start,

will start with her.

Every last note that I end,

will end in my curse.

She drove a drain in me that started

with love.

Love started with her.

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