My cry for help...
My cry for help... for stories

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My cry for help... I wish I was pretty

My cry for help...

My cry for help...

I wish I was pretty

I wish I was cute

I wish I was so hot

I made boys mute

I wish I had curls

I wish I had skirts

I wish I had make up

And low cut shirts

I wish I had curves

I wish I had flats

I wish I was short

And 160 pounds fat

I wish I had a room

Covered in pink

And eyelashes so long

I saw them when I blink

I wish I had soft skin

And really long hair

But... Who am I kidding

Ill never get there

So I work and I work

To where I can't make fists

And I try to ignore

These scars on my wrists

I wear my shorts

And keep a level head

While on the inside

I feel nothing but dead

So I put food on the table

And make people smile

Try to get a laugh

But all the while

Dying because I'm fronting

A person I'm not

And trust me I know

Happiness can't be bought

But would it kill for just one

Single thing to go right

When I look at the sky--

Wish I may wish I might?!

I'm tired of being

The boy ev'ryone wants!

I'm tired of the mask!

I'm tired of cons-

-tantly trying to prove

I'm alright

For my mom I struggle

And I wrestle and I fight

To hide it because she

Does not think it is nice!

My skin may be warm

But my insides are like ice!

I'd give anything to be able

To be who I see in the mirror.

She screams out for help,

But very few people hear her.

She wants to break free

And live out loud.

But truth be told

She's afraid of the crowd

She's afraid of the judgements,

The hate, and the stares.

She wants to look pretty

But she doesn't dare

Go out in public

Like a freak in a dress

She cries every night

Her eyes a mess

She wants to be held,

She wants to be loved

She wants to meet a man

Who is finally above

All the gibberish and Crap

And the murmers and looks.

She wants love

Like from a fairy tale book.

But yet she's stays

Inside a skin covered cage

Trying to contain my sorrow

Trying to contain my rage

But eventually

This bubble's going to burst.

And by the way things are going,

I fear the worst.

'Cause this isn't just going to be

Picket signs in a yard.

No, this blow is going to hit

Really really hard.

One way or another,

She's going to be free

And when she breaks loose

Everyone will finally see

How much pain Will was in

Trying to keep her hidden

But at the same time

Don't let people in

She is tired of being prisoner

In this male shell.

She needs out soon,

Or there will be hell

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