Monochrome: The Colors Of Tomorrow
Monochrome: The Colors Of Tomorrow  gag stories
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Angst with bl? Or bl with angst? Read to find out!

Monochrome: The Colors Of Tomorrow

"Abdullah! Where had you been, my friend?" Someone barged into the class and rushed to the first table, where a quiet boy sat. "I missed you!"

Even among the chaos, he couldn't fail to identify the voice and turned back with a quick reflex to give a brief reply, 'same here' .

The boy had a fair face, a tuft of voluminous, gelled brown hair and a thick rimmed pair of glasses that rested on his nose bridge.

"What do you need, Muhammad?" He sighed heavily, as he adjusted his glasses.

"I don't need anything," The boy scratched his head. "I missed you all these days." The tone of his voice was relatively low.

"Oh come on, it's not like I died or something... It was an emergency leave." Abdullah consoled his friend, patting on his back.

At that moment, the classroom doors opened with a soft noise, the person being keen enough to not disturb others. A tall person entered the class, making his presence widely felt.

All the commotion died down and there was pin drop silence in the room. He looked like a person you would find in dramas and Television shows.

A thick tuft of hair, skin white as snow and crystal like pretty brown eyes enhanced his sharp features, making him the center of attention anywhere he went.

Abdullah's green, emerald like eyes glistened with happiness as he kept them fixated on the boy's face.

It had been so since he saw the boy for the first time, four years back. Apart from his pretty face, the boy also had a beautiful soul.

A kind demeanor and an attitude to always help others attracted Abdullah to him till he began to idealise him in every field of his life.

"Hey Abdullah! Long time no see," The person lightly waved at him but he seemed lost in the world of his thoughts.

"Abdullah!" Muhammad yelled into his ears, bringing him back to reality. "Christian greeted to you, reply to him."

"Oh yeah. Hello Christian!" He exclaimed, making the atmosphere tensed with awkwardness.

Even so, Christian's lips curved into a faint smile and he moved to his seat at the back, which was quite far from Abdullah's.

He sat down and took out his books, wore his reading glasses and continued studying. At that moment, the teacher entered the classroom.

"I hope you all have completed your homeworks." He thundered in a loud voice.

For the students of EM School, bearing any teacher was a breeze except Mr. Khaled. He was an exception to the norm.

All teachers were gentle and kind but this gentleman was rumored to have burned assignments if he didn't like it and the students who didn't complete it being burned alive.

'We all are done for!' Abdullah thought.

Today was someone's dooms day. The students looked at each other with a blank face, trying to communicate with the help of telepathy and receiving the same negative answer of 'No'.

Mr. Khaled entered the room after about three minutes and looked at the students with a sharp glare, chilling them to the bones.

"Anyone's who's not done their assignment can leave the class at this moment. I am in a good mood today, and I shall spare your lives."

Right at that moment, three people got up from their seats. It was Abdullah, Muhammad and unexpectedly, Christian.

The students would have given a dramatic reaction but today, they were themselves stuck in a dilemma. The three boys left the class premises.

As far as the rest of the class was concerned, it was never heard of again.

Abdullah was walking at a leisure pace and Muhammad followed him. Christian, on the other hand, tried to peek into the class without being noticed.

Abdullah and Muhammad stopped, staring at him in awe.

"Dude Christian, please stop putting us in trouble." One of them muttered.

"What trouble?"

"If he sees us, we are done for." Abdullah mustered up all of his courage to speak.

"Right," He laughed nervously.

Muhammad walked towards the cafeteria while Abdullah headed towards the restroom. Christian followed. The restroom was huge and had concrete walls, which made voices echo.

Both headed to their respective cubicles and came out after a short while. Abdullah bent down to wash his hands and watched Christian's perfect figure lean along the sink.

At that moment, he noticed Christian's hand traveled through his hair as he caressed it, sliding it down his face down to the neck.

"What are you doing?!" He yelled as he jumped back.

Christian was unusually calm. "I don't know." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I just feel like doing this whenever I see you. I think I love you. Yeah, I love you." He muttered in a raspy voice.

Even though he refused to accept, deep down Abdullah knew he felt the pangs to the confession earlier. His heart beat did become faster and his soul had become happy.

Idolizing the person was a defence mechanism set up by his orthodox brain. It was finally coming to terms with his true feelings, the fact that he loved Christian.

"Christian I-"

Before he could complete his statement, he was pulled in by Christian, who slammed him against his chest, proceeding to wrap his arms around the frail body.

It was a warm feeling inside out, and the whole concept of Christian touching his body through the clothes was an ecstasy. He shut his eyes, ignoring any second thoughts in his clouded mind.

It had been two weeks since they had begun dating and this couple's name was on everyone's lips.

Keeping it secretive was getting difficult by the day but these boys never let their problems affect their relationship. After all, it was a rare case of blossoming in fall season.

By default, it had become their routine to meet each other in the morning and go home together, keeping zero contact in class so as to avoid further suspicion.

Abdullah had reached their meeting point that morning and checked his watch.

"It's about to be 9 o' clock. Why is he late today?" He muttered.

At that moment, something unbelievable caught his eye. It was Christian, and there was a girl with him. They seemed quite close.

The girl made sure to spare no moment to cling onto him and this made Abdullah's blood boil. He rushed over to the pair and pushed the girl away from Christian.

The girl fell on the floor and bruised her knee. Christian rushed to pick her up and wiped the wound with tissues. "Are you mad?!" He yelled at Abdullah, astonishing him.

"Who is she to you?!" He yelled back, heating the situation.

"She's my fiance goddammit! " He gritted his teeth as he patted the girl leaning on his shoulder. "Stay out of this."

Those words striked through Abdullah's fragile heart harder than a dagger's blow. It had shattered into a million pieces and putting it back seemed impossible.

A straight guy who disbelieved in his own identity, who fell in love with a male, and got betrayed by him.

These realizations were too quick to act upon him and his eyes began to glitter with tears.

They gradually brimmed to the surface and he left the place as fast as he could, trying to hide his now pathetic face in a corner.

'How could I have believed him? How?'

At that moment, he saw the familiar figure walking towards him through his eyes, which had reduced to slits. He had a different aura around him.

Perhaps his quietness? Abdullah was unable to think. Christian stopped right in front of him and gazed at this messy face. He was smiling, but it conveyed sadness.

His lean arms grabbed Abdullah and he pulled him towards himself, leaning his head on his shoulder. Abdullah could feel his shirt getting wetter.

At that moment, Abdullah felt Christian's hand slipping something in his bag. Right after the encounter, Christian walked away, without looking back.

Abdullah took out the object from his bag. It was a sealed envelope. He tore it open with his hands and opened it, reading the content in his mind.

'There is no future for us, Abdullah. Society will never accept us. People should lead a safe life for a safe future. Hope you understand.'

Abdullah crumpled the letter and threw it aside, but a minute later, he picked it up.

A week later, Christian returned to school. The school was unusually silent. The students created no chaos anymore.

Walking through the foyer, he noticed a newspaper clipping on the notice board. 'Newspaper clipping on a notice board? Strange.' He thought.

Reading the news chilled him to the bones.

'A teenager committed suicide last week and his suicide note was a letter from his alleged boyfriend. The police suspects the last line was written in blood.'

"People like us never had a past, don't have a future but a tommorow- I am sure we'll have that."

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