Claustrophobic Cells part 2
Claustrophobic Cells part 2 gay stories

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Here's a mature chapter frm my novel, u can read it here :

Claustrophobic Cells part 2

"You have exactly one day to think about everything!" Haruko exclaimed.

'One day? What the heck is he talking about?'

"You can all head to your dorms now. Tomorrow is a big day." He said as he led them out of the room. The doors closed and the metal locks clicked.

Sam walked over to Arham and Mahmoud, who seemed petrified. The shorter of the two Mahmoud, had light-brown hair, small amber eyes and skin as white as snow.

The other one had dark-brown hair, wide brown eyes and bronzed skin. One thing was definitely common on their faces, the terror of uncertainty.

"Did you both do something that violated the rules of the school?" He questioned.

"No. We were careful not to do anything wrong since we came." The taller one said.

'Then, why are they supposed to leave tomorrow?'

Arham and Mahmoud both headed to their room with a lump in their throat. They had countless thoughts in their mind which were definitely not positive.

It was almost as if a caged bird had been freed, blindfolded and placed on a knife block, unaware of its future.

"Arham... What are we supposed to do?" Mahmoud sat on the bed and picked up a glass of water.

"I don't know. We have to adhere to their instructions. After all, we are the chosen ones."

"What the hell does this 'chosen one' even mean?" Mahmoud questioned, as he gulped down the water in a single sip.

"I don't know." He replied.

"Why?!" He got up and grabbed Arham's collar.

"You know what, you can relax. I am leaving." Arham left the room and shut the door with a loud bang.

"Yeah, alright. I will deal with it."

It was the first time they had fought.

Arham and Mahmoud hailed from UAE, a small country located in the Arabian Peninsula. They both had been best friends for as long as they can remember.

Also, they had been to the same school and had even planned to join the same university when they graduate.

They had been living with each other since the day Arham came out and was kicked out of his house. It was Mahmoud who had given him refuge.

Arham still remembered that dreadful day.

It was the peak of summer and the dreaded time of midnight. Arham's friend, Ahmed had come for a sleepover and they both decided to sleep in the same room.

Arham was uncomfortable at first as he had the habit of sleeping alone. Only because of Ahmed's reluctance, he allowed him to sleep in his room.

It was a single bed made of flimsy metal rods and the mattress was stiff.

At that time, the boys were innocent and had no idea about the evil side of the world. Ahmed had lifted his T-shirt as he felt hot.

For some reason, there was a weird uneasiness in Arham's adolescent heart and a temptation rising inside his body.

Ahmed was an average looking boy with a lean build. He had silky black hair, crystal black eyes and tan skin.

He began to touch Ahmed's waist and probed upwards, grabbing his nipples and pinching them. He came close to him and reduced the distance between them to minimal.

The lustful desires of his mind were overflowing. He began to kiss the soft-skinned torso under him, leaving trails of saliva upon it as evidence of his deed.

"Aaahh... Arham, please stop." Ahmed pleaded as he tried to get away.

"No... please. Don't ask me to stop. I can't."

The voice pleading him to stop was music to his ears. He now began to suck Ahmed's waist, and probed his hands downwards, into his pants.

He forced him to remove his t-shirt but ripped it apart when he refused, Followed by removing his own. He had been aroused when he spotted the significant bulge under him.

"Nngh... Please stop... I beg you." The person continued to moan.

"Seems like you are enjoying it too," Arham said in his deep, husky voice.

Now, his lust reached the highest level it could, and he began to move near Ahmed's face. He began to suck his neck and left countless purple prominent marks.

His lips were now sore and it was painful. At once, he moved to Ahmed's lips, which he crushed against his' and inserted his tongue into Ahmed's mouth, trying to lock it with his'.

At that moment, the door banged open and a familiar person entered the room. He had features like Arham. dark brown hair was their only similar feature.

"ARHAM! Get up at once!" He yelled.

Ahmed got up and hid behind the bulky man. Arham picked up his clothes and with his head lowered, he exited the room and headed to the living room, where his father followed him.

He snatched his the t-shirt and handed it to Ahmed, who was crying in disbelief.

"Get out of my house at once!" He pushed Arham out of the door and closed the doors behind him forever.

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