Dancing In The Ebb Tide
Dancing In The Ebb Tide hawaii stories

pongosage221 Community member
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With Hawaii elections coming up, here is a political poem.

Dancing In The Ebb Tide

I walk along the sandy beach and watch the wave dance away

It dances further towards the darkened depths of uncertainty

I try with all my heart to pull away, scared beyond measure

But alas I cannot escape that which I belong

I dance and prance along the shore as the ebb tide pulls away

Sand and rocks being ripped away from their home

Only to be brought back years later by a flood tide

And they are different for better or for worst

I notice not how the sands are positioned further away than I imagined

Nor did I see the invisible current leading me astray

And by the time I figured out that I was losing myself

I was already in the deep depths of uncertainty

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