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polaropposite Community member
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What is Beauty? Is it in the eyes of the beholder?


a common definition that we use to set in towards an explanation for a craving we can't deny,

No matter thru thick or thin those portals to the soul we call eyes don't lie,

We may all use such wording on a daily bases but who really understands its meaning,

To do so we would have to first look with our selves and see what our Plato minds are scheming,

Enough said,

no mind is of identical making

So what is this feeling I'm shaking?

Where ones own definition and attraction is questioned in a society of elites,

Where We mistake our own newfound copasetic mindset as peace,

The first step to truly identifying your beauty is accepting it on all forms,

Regardless of what Jim or bob decide to name today's norm,

Regardless of what the Television lies within your mind,

Regardless of what this society lures you into adding to your internal designs,

Beauty is just that,

What we cannot describe,

An attraction with no ends or outs regardless of our lives,

No matter the instance or occasion what we feel is held to content,

What is thought may not be said but what is said is meant,

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