The Esoteric Odyssey: Chapter 1
The Esoteric Odyssey: Chapter 1 pokemon stories

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The Introduction to a new series. A 15 year old boy lives in a small town and has a normal day. He encounters a wild Charmander - a Pokemon not native to his home.

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The Esoteric Odyssey: Chapter 1

by PokeStorm

The North Woods

Long ago, beasts alone ruled the lands in which we stand today. They fought one another, worked together, and lived in their own extravagant civilization. This was known as the Purity Era.

But as time passed, another species emerged from an unknown source and began the human race. The humans were greedy and selfish, tearing down the civilization the beasts had welcomed them into.

The humans placed themselves on top of the food chain, and enslaved the beasts.

After destroying the Purity Era, they began their own civilization by keeping these beasts under their control and using their powers for personal benefit.

Unfortunately I am one of those humans. But these creatures are my family. We work together and make this world a better place.

The bond between the creatures and humans have changed a lot over the last hundred years, and is still getting better.

But this is the story of how one man's actions changed the future for all of the world.

This world is inhabited by creatures that we call Pokemon. People and Pokemon live together by supporting each other. Some people play with Pokemon, some people battle with them.

But there are still a lot of things we don't know about them yet. That's why we have the Pokemon Professors, such as Professor Elm, Birch, Juniper, etc. But enough about that.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Dimrill. I was fifteen when this story began. I lived in a small town called New Bark Town. I had just finished grade school two weeks before.

I had taken that time to decide how I wanted to proceed with my life. I liked a lot of things, but nothing really sparked my interest as a career.

My story began 11 years ago in New Bark Town. I was 15 at the time, and my favorite place was the Route 29 woods north of town. That or hanging out with my friend Mark and his Butterfree.

Mark was 16 around then, kinda short, orange hair, loved video games, and had an odd sense of humor. But I can explain how we met another time.

New Bark Town was a somewhat small town, with 3 or 4 different neighborhoods, a Pokemon Laboratory, a Pokemon Center (Basically a Pokemon hospital), a few grocery stores,

a Pokemon Mart (For Pokemon trainers to buy all their supplies), and just basic stuff for a town in your world.

The southern part of town was covered in green grassy hills with many windmills on the hills.

New Bark Town was the #1 provider of electricity to all of Johto, especially Goldenrod City, which had a Radio Tower and a Monorail to Saffron City in Kanto.

So one day I went off to the North Woods, just to relax. This little grove of trees had a nice pond, and you could hear all the Pidgeys chirping to each other. And this is where my story began.

I was sitting on the sand next to the water, and I was skimming through my Pokedex. I already had a few entries such as Shinx, Pidgey, Butterfree, Caterpie, Exeggcute, Rattata, and Sentret.

In order to add an entry to your Pokedex, you have to scan the real Pokemon with the scanner on the Pokedex, and it will research everything you need to know.

This is useful when you don't have a computer in front of you.

Anyways, I was researching Shinx's evolution into Luxio when I heard a rustle in the bushes across the pond.

When it came out, it was an orange lizard with a flame on its tail and standing on its hind feet. A Charmander! I quickly scanned the Charmander. Some text then showed up the screen.

It said "Charmander. The flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself.

If the Pokemon becomes enraged, the flame burns fiercely." I decided I would catch it. I got up, grabbed the Pokeball on my belt. I threw it and out came my only Pokemon - Shinx.

The Charmander looked at me and spread its legs as though to fight us. Both Shinx and Charmander charged at each other.

Just before impact, Shinx shot a electric ball of energy - a Spark attack - and it knocked the Charmander to the ground. Charmander quickly got back up and slashed Shinx on the back.

Shinx didn't let this stop him, so he got up and bit Charmander's arm and finished him off with another Spark attack. I took this opportunity to reach into my pack and pull out a Pokeball.

I threw it at the Charmander, hoping it would hit it. Just in general, I'm not very good at throwing things accurately, but luckily it hit its head and encapsulated it in a flash of red light.

It wiggled. It wiggled again. And again. Then sparks flew from the ball. Charmander was caught. I cheered in celebration, then remembered that Shinx was hurt from the fight.

I quickly got a purple spray bottle, known as a Potion, and sprayed it on Shinx's back. He jumped up and made a "weeeeee" sound.

I picked up the Pokeball off the ground, and instead of returning Shinx to his Pokeball, let him walk with me the way back to town.

Shinx and I talked about how Charmander might be like when he calmed down and we let him out of his Pokeball.

Okay, one thing I should tell you about Pokemon. They speak 4 different languages. They are Birdspeak, Plantspeak, Beastspeak, and Common Tongue (The language most people speak).

Only Legendary and Mythical Pokemon can speak Common Tongue. So, as obvious, Shinx spoke Beastspeak. In High School, we are required to take at least 1 Pokemon Language.

I took Birdspeak and Beastspeak.

After reaching New Bark Town, we headed straight home to tell my aunt about our new friend. One thing you should know, my aunt, who was my legal guardian, loves Pokemon.

There was one time she brought home a baby Miltank, as she worked at the Moo Moo Ranch near Olivine City. The mother was sick, so she volunteered to take care of it until she got better.

The baby Miltank was all over the place and very loud. By the time the mother got better, our house was an absolute disaster.

Anyways, I unlocked the door and we walked in. "Aunt Cassie, we're home!" I yelled through the house.

There was a response from the kitchen. "I'm in here," she called back.

Shinx and I walked into the kitchen. Aunt Cassie was standing next to a pot of soup, and her Pidgeotto was perched on the counter nearby.

"How was your day today sweetie?" she asked.

I grabbed the Pokeball from my belt and let Charmander out of it. He was angry at first, and then he was mesmerized by the smell of tortilla soup.

"Wow Dimrill! Where'd you catch him?" she asked.

I told her about my encounter in the North Woods and the fight Shinx won.

"Anyways, dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes, so be sure to get all washed up."

Shinx and I headed upstairs to my bedroom.

My bedroom's door was on the left side of my room, and my bed was underneath the back window, so I had a good view of the sunset every night, as my window faced to the west.

My room was covered in posters about the Indigo League, Gym Leaders, and one of Ethan Gold, who was the champion of Johto and Kanto at the time.

I even had all 3 volumes of his books, The Tales of Ethan Gold. After taking a shower and bathing Shinx and Charmander in the bathtub afterwards, the three of us headed downstairs.

Dinner was delicious. The tortilla soup had all my favorite foods in there: chicken, cheese, a awesome seasoning. This was one of my aunt's best meals.

Aunt Cassie and I had 2 bowls each, and each of our Pokemon had half a bowl of strained soup. It was a quiet dinner.

After helping my aunt clean up the dishes (Shinx got to lick the remnants off the bowls), Shinx, Charmander, and I headed upstairs to my room.

There I turned on my computer to see if my friend Mark was online. Fortunately he was, so this is along the lines of our voice chat conversation:

"Hey Mark, how's it going?" I introduced.

"Not doing much, just playing a few rounds of Pokken. Wanna duel?"

"Sure. but let me tell you something. I caught a new Pokemon today in the woods."

"Oh sweet, what is it?"

I picked up Charmander and put him in my lap, careful not to burn myself on his tail, and he spoke to Mark ("Char!").

"A Charmander! Now I definately have a disadvantage in battle against you."

Mark had one Pokemon - Butterfree. He raised it from a Metapod on Route 30, where he battled in our school battle class.

He learned to spam Harden, and use a Potion or two, and just tank out his opponents. That is how you should evolve your Metapod.

Personally, I've never seen anyone use this strategy with a Metapod, but I've seen it done with a Snorlax. But that's a story for another time.

So after a few duo rounds of our game, he had to eat, so he disconnected. At that point I was starting to get tired, so Shinx crawled up in my bed and Charmander laid down in Shinx's bed.

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