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My name is third scence and I am a star sniffing superhero. #superhero-2018

Third Scent

At first I was a regular high school teenager. Well almost, having half vampire blood can be just a tad confusing when your a thirteen year old.

Trying to find your way in life while dealing with the fact that your not exactly… human.

While dealing with the fact that your not exactly a vampire just a super wierd hybrid thing, with a hippy mum and a dad that, well you know, drinks pure blood.

Now in case you didn’t know vampires have amazing sniffing abilities and for some odd reason mine are, let’s say stronger than usual.

By the time I was seven I could smell as well as a full blood fully grown vampire. I never really understood why, I of all people, was given this power until I was about 12 years old.

At 12 I could smell what people were having for lunch 4 streets away. So around the end of year six an awesome idea popped into my tween mind.

I, Kira Raeb, was about to become a star sniffing superhero. My childhood dreams were about to become my reality.

My freind is a techno wizard and my sister is a fantastic designer. Unfortunately my freinds ability never gets noticed but she is so good and creative.

She once sung a full assignment and got full marks. So I asked them both to help me out and boom three weeks later I had a beautifully designed digitally equipped costume.

Now all I needed was a name. I wrote down countless names but one really stuck out. Third Scent - it was perfect.

A few weeks later my first mission arose, someone had smuggled priceless perfume from a wedding store.

I quickly changed into my new superhero outfit and jumped out my window,landing with a thud. Then I tried to sniff it out. I got it faintly but I knew which direction I was headed - left.

The further I ran the more I could smell it. Tingling from the thrill of the chase, the scent getting so strong I could hardly bare it.

I saw the thief. I bounced on top of him and then realised I couldn’t do much else. His neck looked like the most vulnerable spot but I didn’t have fangs or was able to drink blood.

That’s when it occurred to me I couldn’t bite his neck but I could scratch it so I did.

Then of course I immediately called the cops , the scratch held him off long enough, as well as the little ankle kicks I was giving him, just to make sure he couldn’t move.

The next day he was found guilty and sent to jail. So that’s the story of how I became Third Scent.

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