An eternal sonnet
An eternal sonnet  love stories

pointguard888 I enjoy pondering and writing sometimes
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A gentle tribute for all who suffered losing and receding

An eternal sonnet

I found you within the lines of a lyric I lost you in the reality of the cynic

I capture you in a glimpse of a dream I lose you pondering in the horizon beam

I reach you with resonating vibes Delivered via universal karmic lives

An ecstasy of amusement holding a thought A tribute for so many years fought

Locking you away for safe keeping In a sacred vault with a guitar weeping

Naturally high in thought and mind Inducing flavors of endorphins and dopamine

I frame you quickly in written notes Before I lose you again in life’s sailing boat Simply you are the peace of mind Your soul bond to me is one of a kind

Seems eternal and it’s not changing It doesn’t leave off while I keep receding No matter how I describe I can’t relate What’s inside and why I’m afraid

Sonnet after sonnet I escape away Asking myself what is the reason to stay Is it the revival feeling I get? Or is it much wiser and better to forget?

One thing for sure I know That feeling keeps me alive as I go It makes me human...I know!

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