A gentle visit
A gentle visit dream-2018 stories

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You're still glimpsing every now and then in my dreams With the most tender tap on the shoulder sense

A gentle visit

You're still glimpsing every now and then in my dreams

With the most tender tap on the shoulder sense

Waking up on a charming faraway horizon beams

That blinds my eyes with crimson shinning tense

In mesmerizing colorful streams

With emotion of tendency that's so intense

I keep writing to you to ease it all

To vocalize the indescribable sentence after sentence

To avoid a disgraceful unwanted fall

Being encountered with my wonderwall

Still after all, you are merely a wishful picture

In a heart filled with rapture

I keep self searching for you again and again

I keep restraining to be righteously sustained

Racing the ageing time trying to capture it in a frame

Hiding the inner underlying missing pain

For a kind peaceful submissive yet free heart trying to regain

Melancholic eyes that are hard to refrain

A glimpse once sparked and had to remain

Still had to leave not to go insane

Pulling all breaks for a dignity I must retain

Seems you are angelically inhuman

Seems you are inscrutable to find

Apparently you're unique of a kind

You are only a heavenly creation in my mind

As no woman can be so fitting and made mine

They always percieve us as a couple who walked the same line

The dizziness and dazzlement of drunken wine

An intrigued conversation with you that makes me fine

With mystical chemistry running through my spine

The warmth created through million sunshines

The Eve of Adam's getaway shrine

In a life filled with ambitions and material desires

You are an insidious glowing fire

In my soul who's longing to aspire

For it's natural equal matching that I require

Created outside of this world's knowing

In a rhyming endless river of words flowing

You are just a gentle visitor

Passing by then going

Like a whirlwind suddenly blowing

Like an ocean wave shattering then slowing

A Virgo to Virgo cotton snowing

Fading away with lingering effect

With aliveness we should had to select

A gentle visit with a massive need to forget

A gentle visit in my dreams with no regret

Sometimes with a deep understanding glare

Sometimes with a passionate despair

Sometimes with an everlasting peaceful air

With reflections of the sun going through her hair

Other times with a wonderful soothing smile of care

Even with a sorrow goodbye wave

Along the kids road we have to responsibly pave

Maybe in the afterlife my sweet Maeve

Honestly I don't trust you are real

You're only imagined in a theatrical cut reel

Although I have a strong appeal

But it had been tried long before to steal

Now becoming a man of steel

Trying to make the mediocre not so real

And it's only how I feel

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