Dear Sarah,
Dear Sarah,  change stories
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Im sorry im such a shit bag, I cant take it back now. I wish i could have loved you right by the time i wanted to, it was too late.

Dear Sarah,

Im sorry im such a shit bag, I cant take it back now.

I wish i could have loved you right by the time i wanted to, it was too late.

I try not to allow my past to control me, i try not to allow my mental illness to consume me.

I allowed my sickness to overtake me.

I dont know what to even say now, i understand why you dont want me.

I understand why you ran away from me.

Because of the monster within me.

You left me and i dont blame you, i was an awful human being who didn’t deserve you.

I finally was capable of changing once you left me.

I know you don’t believe a word im saying.

I wouldn’t believe me if i was in your shoes.

But i know im telling you the truth, and i know its too late to win this battle with you.

I want you back but do i really deserve you?

You deserve the best in the world and i wish i would have given it to you.

I broke you down, i hurt you.

I should have never done the things i did to you.

I know im a changed man, fake men won’t admit what they have done wrong.

I know now that i abused you.

I know now that i had issues.

Im not perfect and i never can be. But i promise id never hurt another soul.

And i meant it.

Im throwing out my deepest darkest secrets.

I allowed my mania to control me, now im woke.

I woke up but it took me too long to change what i broke.

By the time i got around to it you already left, leaving was my biggest fucking regret.

People do crazy shit when they are ill, and i depended on drugs to keep me still.

I just wish you would talk to me now, i wish you would just hear me out.

Karma is a bitch and its been coming out.

Everywhere i go i see shit that reminds me of us, i hate that i cant run away from this stuff.

I fucked up going on dating apps, i cant tell you how many times i have cried over that.

I cry everytime i look back and think about what i have done.

I know I deserve it but i just want to be numb.

I dont want to remember it, your ghost haunts me.

My actions destroyed me, now im paying back the price.

Karma is a bitch that line has always been right.

PS: i know nothing i say now can change the damage, and i am truly sorry for everything i have done and put you through even if you don’t believe me.

I just wish you love, happiness, peace and forgiveness.

Your ex,


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