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poetsoul A journey in unknown but sweet territory
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Very special birthday present

Your Birthday

Your birthday .. What a special day...but I cannot find the right gift for you .

What if I gave you a blouse, Would you wear it when your dreams are to be lost? What if I gave you a book, Would you find out our story at first look?

What if I gave you a pen, Would you write for me the best compliments you can? What if I gave you a watch, would it remind you of my touch?

What if I gave you a kiss, Would it be the one you would always miss? What if I gave you my heart, Would you keep it safe and sound?

What if I gave you my love, Would you love me back?... I wish I could turn the time back, So all of your birthdays would be my favourite track.. But still...

Happy birthday for all of the lost and all the forthcoming ones , For I don't know if I will have the heart To blurt out all of my forbidden feelings for you ... PoetSoul

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