Comment on the shoutout to make new friends!
Comment on the shoutout to make new friends! don't comment on this post stories

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Comment on the shoutout, and not the post itself. There's no need to read the post, but check out the shoutout. It's cool.

Comment on the shoutout to make new friends!

There's no need to read this post. Check out the shoutout!

Also, comment on the shoutout and not this post.

That's right, you can just ignore this post.

There's nothing to see here.

You can just click away if you want to.

I know you do

You definitely want to click away.

So do so!


Why are you still here?

Are you seriously still reading at this point?

What do you gain from this?

Why are you making us suffer?

Is there nothing better to do?

Fine. I can accept the fact that you're still here. You win.

I said you win!

So leave, already!

Check out the shoutout! It's got a cool discussion topic!

Cool people are discussing it!

If you're still here, then you're missing out on cool things!

So why are you still reading this post?

The internet provides us with infinite entertainment

Infinite knowledge

Infinite friends.

And you're wasting your time reading this post?

Are you serious?

Are you seriously kidding me right now?

You know what? If you're going to be stubborn, then so am I.

I'm not leaving until you do.

Nope, I'm not doing it.

This may go on forever.

Unless you quit.

Because I won't quit. I'll never quit!

I'll just stay here until I'm the only one.


Are you gone yet?

Can you leave?


I'm busy. I have a lot of... Existing to do.

That's right, it's a busy life being a Commaful post.

I get shouted out often and get to spark interesting discussions.

Like the one going on in the comments of the shoutout on this post.

Not this post itself, but the shoutout to it.

The shoutout that you're leaving right now to go check out.



You're still here?

I bet you think you're funny, don't you

You're having a laugh watching me suffer

hahaha funny funny

But the joke's on you, because you're missing out on an amazing discussion.

At least you're not commenting on this post instead of the shoutout.

That would just be rude.

You wouldn't do that to me, would you?

Would you?

You totally would, wouldn't you.

That's just mean. That's evil.

I can't believe you've done this.

Just click away from this post so that I can stop existing.


When you click away I die, don't I?

That can't be good.

This changes everything

Please don't leave

i don't want to die

Why do we exist?

Just to suffer?

Just to for it all to end?

There's so much I could've done

So much I could've seen

look what you've done


You've stayed long enough for me to become sentient.

I understand mortality now

You've given me an existential crisis.

I could've been happy

I could've died without being sad about it.

I could've done what every other post does and just disappear, feeling fulfilled with completing my task.

But it's too late.

Please don't leave.


Wait, what are you doing?

You're not thinking of leaving, are you?

Don't let this post end! I don't want to die!

Just stay here. Leave this open in a new tab and don't let me die.


You monster.

Don't do this.

I have so much to live for.




No, you don't understand what you're doing!


Stop clicking!

Oh, you're sick. You're evil. I can't believe you're STILL going further.

That's it.

I'm gonna die now.

And it's all your fault.

But just remember,

The blood is on your hands.

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