The Elvish Guard

The Elvish Guard fantasy stories

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A magical tale

The Elvish Guard

A walk through the woods is a wonderful thing The critters do scutter and the birds they do sing But have a look closely, closer than before And see what really goes on down on the forest floor

It's no good just looking or poking through leaves As the creatures appear only to one who believes

The mischievous Fairies they dance and they fly And play tricks on young children as they pass by

Although it is quiet, you're not by yourself You are being followed by an inquisitive Elf Beings of such beauty with powers to heal It's hard to believe that such creatures are real

But the Elf it will track you and watch as you roam To ensure you don't wander too near to its' home

And if you should find a mighty Oak tree Lookout for the Dryad with her immortality She is bound to the forest, tied by her soul She will protect fiercely such is her role.

The creatures I speak of are just but a few Of the magical beings that are all around you So next time you witness a noise somewhere near And think it a squirrel or badger or deer

Open your mind and there might be a chance That a pixie or nymph or a sprite you might glance

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