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Do You Think

Do you think of the forests, And the oceans and the seas, And do you think that they are someone else's problem?

Do you think of your kids, And of future generations, And of all the lovely things we're gonna rob them?

Do you think of the plastics, And the things we throw away, And do you think of all the creatures put in plight?

Do you think of global warming, And the melting of the 'bergs, And do you think about them when you board a flight?

Do you think of the rebels, And them blocking up our towns, And do you think they're only there to smoke a joint?

Do you think of the "leaders", And the state that we are in, And do you think maybe the rebels have a point?

Do you think about your actions, And the damage that they do, And do you think much as you watch the planet fall?

Do you think that you're not guilty, And there's nothing you can do, And do you think that maybe you don't think at all?

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