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A poem about social media, and how anti-social it is


You wander around in a world of your own Your attention directed at the screen on your phone Your headphones are strapped to the side of your head And you have no awareness of what's done or said

For those all around you, you don't have a care In the bubble you live in they aren't even there When you change your direction you don't even look Because your head and your thoughts are stuck in a book

You have no idea of the things that you spill Because you pay no attention and show no good will

You really don't care when you step out on bikes As your world it is governed by the number of likes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

When you walk into someone you take such offence You generally swear and turn the air tense

You're too selfish to realise, you don't have a clue That the cause of these problems is totally YOU

So take off your headphones and put down your phone And walk through the streets as if you're not alone Then maybe give thought to the strange irony That you use social media ANTI-SOCIALLY

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