What could be
What could be blinded stories

poeticxpoison What I write many are too afraid to say.
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A Collection of thoughts from a Girl who saw beyond What was there.

What could be

She sees Galaxies in a person, Her Person, who never saw more than Darkness in Her.

She saw stars sparkling in the eyes of a person who only never saw anything in her.

She told stories of what she saw in this person, Yet this person stayed silenced of the darkness inside her.

She saw the light shining in their eyes when they spoke, Only to find out They only saw emotions swirling in her's.

She spoke so highly of a person who spoke so lowly of her.

"I see the light shine in your eyes when you speak of what you love." She told her person.

"I see darkness in your eyes when you talk at all." The person spoke.

She was blinded by her own views, That she never saw the hatred for her.

She never saw the disgust for her in their eyes.

She never saw the disdain for her in their eyes.

She only saw the beautiful space of What Could Be.

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