Blinded blinded stories

poeticxpoison What I write many are too afraid to say.
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A small collection of thoughts about two people who were visionless in the eyes of each other.


She. Her. Her's.

He. Him. His.

She saw the intricately placed love, sparkling in the moonlight.

He saw the delicately placed sadness, twinkling in the sunlight.

Her eyes shined like the sunlight on glass.

His eyes sparkled like the moonlight on water.

Her emotions swirled and collided,

With His.

His emotions overwhelmed him, Quite like her.

She overwhelmed him.

He terrified her.

She saw the intricately placed love, sparkling in his eyes.

She was Blinded by what she saw, That she didn't see that it wasn't for her.

He wasn't Blinded by what he saw. He knew that her sadness was delicately placed for Him.

She hurt.

He regretted.

She cried.

He forgot.

They were both blinded.

He was blinded by his regret and heartache.

She was blinded by what she thought she saw.

She fell too fast,

He let go too quickly.

They were Blinded by Each Other.

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