Why I Called You a Jerk
Why I Called You a Jerk anxiety stories

poeticwater I might never find my peace
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A poem about why you shouold never gossip about people. Or talk negatively.

Why I Called You a Jerk

Last night

Last night you talked abouot me

You said I was a messed up person

You yelled at me

You hated me

A week ago you dumped me

As a friend

It was over

I was hurt

And you gossipped about me


Today she told you that you guys weren't friends either

Today you came to me

Today you texted me

And you didn't even say sorry

You called me dramatic

You said that I was dramatic

You acted like a jerk for a solid week

And I'm dramatic

I couldn't help but thinking that maybe it's true

One of my friends pulled me up

Told me not to say that

Said I wasn't

But I can't help but think it

Think before you speak

Because you might lose everything

I don't like talking about people

And here's why


In the end

They always find out

And it fucking hurts

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