Silver Innocence
Silver Innocence feeling stories
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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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A poem about a friend of mine and something I thought of the other day

Silver Innocence

Silver hair

Silver eyes

Pulled apart by silver skies

Hiding below a little rock

Letting the world pound down

You avoid what your parents say

Is not okay

I follow you around and let things slip

Your brother is far less innocent

As we sit

Below the tree

I look at you

You look at me

And I can't but think

How I love you


As we sit

Across from another

Throwing rocks

Into the water

And I can't help but think

WHy do we have to leave

My eyes are red

I am done

You're wearing black

I would be in the coffin

If I do that

You'll grieve

And lose your silver innocence

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