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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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A poem on how I got my confidence taken away.


I jumped off the edge

Only a billion times

I kept crying

And why?

Why do I ask if someone is my friend?

Over and over and over again?

Why do I ask if they want me around?

Why do I ask these things?

Maybe its because of this guy

Who was my friend for a while

He talked to me

And whatever

And then

He told someone else

That I followed him around

That I was this crazy girl who followed him around

That's a reason

Another guy, different story

He told me he liked me and then hated me the nest day

He did this on and on forever

And ten someone noticed how mean he was

THe adults tried to fix it

He wouldn't take it

He lied to them

He told them he would be my friend

He told them the only reason he didn't like me was because I asked him too many questions

He told them all of that bullshit

And I believed every word of it

Until someone told me otherwise.

That. He. Fucking. Lied.


That's why I'm the way I am

Because they aren't the only people who did shit like that

Because I don't believe that anyne is actually my friend.

Because, no one is

And they all talk about me behind my back

Those are my reasons

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