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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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They see me in the halls / They call me crazy


They see me in the halls

They call me crazy

I'm pretending to be confident

I'm pretending to be happy

I may laugh

I'm eternally screaming

I may smile

I'm internally crying

I'm playing pretend,

A game for first graders

It used to be to pretend

To be something you're not

Like a princess

Like a knight

Like a flower

Like a bumble bee

But, now

It's quite depressing

What am I pretending to be?

What am I not?

I'm pretending to be happy

And confident

And silly

And cool

But, I can't be cool,

Even if I try

I'm still a dork

But, you call me insane

You call me too much

You say I'm insane

But, I'm not

I'm me

I get sad

I get stressed

I freak out

I get panic attacks

I like reading

I write sucky poetry

I read poetry

I'm obsessed with musical theatre

I sit in my room writing books

I can't seem to see straight in front of me

I get sidetracked

I get distracted

I think I'm fat

I don't want to eat

I think I'm annoying

I don't want to speak

I think I'm clumsy

I don't want to walk

But, I do it all anyway

Some people aren't helpful

They call me names

They talk about me

I can't stand it

Say something positive!

This is too hard

But, I don't give up

I just

Play pretend

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