Perfect Nervousness
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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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A poem about one of those nervous feelings

Perfect Nervousness

I wasn't expecting to see you

I've never seen you here before

I get that tight feeling in my throat

I get my shaky hands

I pretend I didn't see you and act surprised when you're near me

You're perfecly amazing

I'm perfectly nervous

You have brown eyes

Deep brown eyes

You're taller than me

Both of your brother's think I'm twelve

But you think I'm fifteen

I am fifteen

You are so perfect

So freaking perfect

I know that you have flaws

But I don't care

You're perfect to me

And that's enough

That will forever be enough

I can't help but smile

Whenever you talk to me

Whatever you say is always kind

You don't put people down

And that's beautiful

That's wonderful

That's incredible

That's you

You, you, you

I appreciate you

In that special way

I'm filled with perfect nervouseness

Because of you

I know I may twist it soon

I may shatter it

It may shatter me

But, right now,

All that it's doing

Is making me happy

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