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poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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I'm smiling, I'm laughing / I'm sad, I'm depressed

Outside / Inside

I'm smiling, I'm laughing / I'm sad, I'm depressed

I'm looking at the floor / I'm hoping you would stop judging me

I look at you / I'm wondering why you want to be near me

I'm standing near you / I'm listening to your conversation with her

I'm walking away, not bothering to say goodbye to anyone / I'm dying on the inside

I'm in the bathroom / I'm falling apart

I'm crying / I'm dying

My eyes are glassy / I can't breath

I enter the room again / I can't stand, but I am

I sit near you, like I was supposed to / I feel like crying

I look at the table / I feel like my world is ending

I begin drawing a person / I need a distraction otherwise I'll start crying

I look over at you / I'm wondering how one person could be so rude

I look at the teacher / I'm thinking of the conversation I overheard

I look like I'm listening / I'm not

You had been gossiping about me

That's not okay

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