My First Nightmare
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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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This poem is about how I had a nightmare last night and that never really happens

My First Nightmare

I never get nightmares

It's the weirdest thing

My friends call me lucky

But honestly my life is so far from a dream

That one could call it a nightmare in itself

I'm waiting to wake up and scream and be happy again

But last night

I had something happen

My dream freaked me out

My dream scared me

Filling me with anxiety

Making me afraid

Making me scared

Of everything around me

Of deadlines and words

I woke up scared

I never wake up scared

I'm someone to love my dreams

Because they are better than my reality

But, this time

The dream took over my mind

I woke up scared

And now I'm ready to hide

And all it was about

Was the word "Lalala"

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